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Introduce water purification machine cleaning can prevent type PP cotton filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Water purification machine cleaning can prevent type PP cotton filter including polypropylene cotton shell, the shell inside the filling PP cotton, PP cotton in polypropylene cotton export, the bottom of the shell has a fixed in polypropylene cotton shell upside even has a threaded ring, at the center of the connection ring is equipped with a aqueduct, has several holes on the aqueduct. Aqueduct is inserted on polypropylene cotton, on the above link is equipped with a water body, water agencies including water shell, water, and the connection ring threaded connection, and on the water body shell is equipped with a mesh, mesh link the inside of the water body on the top of the filter shell equipped with residue Chambers, into the water body shell at the top of the water inlet. PP cotton is equipped with water storage room on the bottom of the shell, the depth of the aqueduct into polypropylene cotton shall not exceed 50% of the total height of polypropylene cotton, top of the aqueduct for layout, airtight aqueduct set at the top of the funnel, mesh is 80 - 100 USES of metal mesh. Increase in front of the PP cotton coarse filter mesh, remove the link and after feeding mechanism shell, can take out the filter material, greatly improving the service life of the utility model, using polypropylene cotton installation aqueduct and aqueduct, can avoid inlet serious jam, on the premise of guarantee the filtering effect, the filtered pollutant distribution in PP cotton, as far as possible to avoid local congestion lead to the entire device failure.
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