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Introducing sintered filter Beijing east sea project base

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-25
In recent years, China's increasing pollutant emission regulation, promoting sewage disposal project construction. Central district sewage treatment plant drainage systems and the introduction of the sintered filter, to improve the peripheral and the downstream water environment play an important role. Recently, the heilongjiang province built jixi district sewage treatment plant drainage systems which cooperate with the use of sintered filter, make ussuri river basin had the first sewage treatment plant.

since this year, the city multi-pronged, multiple measures and improve the environmental quality, environmental protection departments have to carry out environmental protection special action, wading polluters special inventory activities, environmental law enforcement staff of more than 1200 passengers, more than 420 check. To stop using pollution treatment facilities without authorization the 19 companies such as the emergence of the coal washery, and excessive emissions of polluting enterprises, individual implemented within, shut down, such as punishment, to effectively curb excessive emission behavior. At the same time, jixi also increase the intensity of the project and the governance structure of emission reduction to reduce emissions, using a large number of sintered filter jiguan district sewage treatment plant and construction; Close small coking enterprise 14; Dismantle small generating set 100000 kw; 13 of the construction of the new pollution reduction projects give full play to the function of reduction. Jixi northern steel, Qingdao beer company and other key enterprises, realize the waste water recycling use. Datang jixi thermoelectric desulfurization engineering formed in the ability of 4000 tons of sulfur dioxide emission reduction, the city's sulfur dioxide emissions overfulfilled the eleventh five-year plan emission reduction task ahead of time.

sintered filter will expand in river regulation, designed to let the rivers no longer filthy, stench, let the river bottom, he tasted the fish free good life environment.
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