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Introduction to reverse osmosis ( RO) In the application of water treatment technology

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Reverse osmosis water treatment, reverse osmosis is 60 s developed a new membrane separation technology, its diameter is small, mostly 10 x 10-10 (or less 10) , it can remove the ions in the filtrate range and small molecular weight organic compounds, such as bacteria, viruses, such as heat source. It has been widely used in sea water or brackish water desalination, electronics, medicine, steam with pure water, drinking water, removed the production, also applied in biological and medical engineering.
the structure principle and characteristics of reverse osmosis water treatment:
principle of reverse osmosis technology is in the above solution and the effect of osmotic pressure, on the basis of other material can't through a semipermeable membrane will leave to the material and water. Reverse osmosis membrane membrane pore size is very small, so can effectively remove salt dissolved in water, colloid, microorganism and organic matter, etc.
反渗透是纯净水生产最关键部分,其原理是在压力的作用下,水分了通过反渗透膜成为纯水,水中的杂质被反渗透膜截留排出。 利用反渗透术技可以有效的去除水中的溶解盐、胶体,细菌、病毒、细菌内毒素和大部分有机物等杂质。 RO pure water equipment system desalination rate for more than 99 ℅ commonly. 所以反渗透是最先进的也是最节能的一种脱盐方式。 Water treatment

ro reverse osmosis also called reverse osmosis, RO) 。 With enough pressure to make the solution of the solvent ( Usually refers to water) Through the reverse osmosis membrane ( Or a semipermeable membrane) Separate. Because it is contrary to natural penetration direction, it is called reverse osmosis. According to the different osmotic pressure of all kinds of material, can make greater than the osmotic pressure of the reverse osmosis method to achieve the purpose of separation, extraction, purification and concentration.
choose requirements:
users before using reverse osmosis unit, should provide the raw water quality analysis report, I center design personnel according to user's water conditions can help users to determine the raw water pretreatment solution, so that a reasonable choice reverse osmosis equipment and ensure the normal operation of reverse osmosis long-term, steady.
1: hyper, pure water and distilled water preparation;
2: alcohol manufacturing and the degree of water;
3: pharmaceutical, electronics and other industries in the early period of the water preparation;
4: the concentration of chemical process, separation, purification and preparation of water distribution;
5: boiler make-up water in addition to salt water softening;
6: seawater, brackish water desalination;
7: papermaking, water and wastewater treatment of electroplating, printing and dyeing and other industries.

FST type reverse osmosis device application:
reverse osmosis device is widely used seawater and brackish water desalination; The chemical industry process water; Electronic industrial process water; The power industry boiler make-up water; The pharmaceutical industry with water; Water in areas such as food and beverage industry.
how it works:
reverse osmosis membrane separation process is a pressure driven, reverse osmosis membrane under the action of stress, like a ion barrier, will all solids in water, soluble inorganic salt, organic matter, bacteria, such as block on one side of the membrane, and only allow through water molecules to reach the other side of the membrane to be highly purified water. Reverse osmosis membrane theory can remove more than 99% of the metal ions, acid radical ion and chloride ion, to the bacteria in the water, heat, viruses, and the removal rate of organic matter almost 100%. According to the differences in water quality in different regions, to make reverse osmosis can run stably for a long term, according to different raw water quality, water quality and water to make the necessary preprocessing adjustment, in order to choose the most appropriate technological process and equipment.
0 of single equipment. 5 m3 / h, 1 m3 / h, 2 m3 / h, 4 m3 / h, 5 m3 / h, 10 m3 / h, 15 m3 / h, 20 m3 / h, 25 m3 / h, 30 m3 / h, 40 m3 / h, 50 m3 / h, and so on the many kinds of specifications, special specifications shall be separately designed.
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