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Introduction to _ sintered filter is influence on the effect of reverse osmosis

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Sintered filter is to use one or several of filter medium, under certain pressure of high turbidity water by a certain thickness of granular or granular material, effectively to remove suspended impurities make water clear process, commonly used with quartz sand, anthracite coal, manganese ore, etc. , mainly used for water treatment in addition to the turbidity, soften water, pure water level before the pretreatment, etc. Is its role in industrial circulating water treatment filter the raw water of tiny particles, suspended solids, colloid and other impurities.

if carbon steel sintered filter and reverse osmosis equipment used at the same time, the effect of the reverse osmosis is influential, has just started and cannot achieve the result of one plus one is greater than two, must pass a test, and debug.

if in the process of filtering system appear in the source water quality fluctuation is large, unknown impurity in water is more, try to increase and decrease in sintering filter water dosing amount of coagulant polymeric aluminium chloride. If put in the sodium hypochlorite, found that after adding the effect is not obvious, even corruption anaerobic bacteria and microbe, biological pollution on reverse osmosis membrane. Cause ro fouling, desalination rate is reduced, differential pressure increases, the water rate continues to decline, after conventional chemical cleaning, the effect is not obvious. Sintering filter cannot microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses, lead to these microbes is entered into the security filters, sintered filter pollution following reverse osmosis process.

stainless steel sintered filter can't solve the problem can be solved by ultrafiltration. Consider increasing the ultrafiltration device, the double membrane ( Is to make reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration or microfiltration combined with a water treatment method) , compared with the traditional water treatment technology, using ultrafiltration as pretreatment of reverse osmosis, the water quality, water quality stability, and basic is not affected by the change of raw water; Can effectively remove the particles in the water, suspended solids, colloid, bacteria, virus, is a kind of reliable water treatment technology; As the pretreatment of reverse osmosis, than conventional pretreatment can reduce the SDI value of the reverse osmosis water, prolong the service life of reverse osmosis unit. It is solved the sintered filter can not solve the problem.
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