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Introduction to the classification of the water softener control valves

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Water softener is the most commonly used water treatment equipment, widely used in boiler, cleaning, water treatment and the pre-treatment of purified water, etc. , in daily use often hear fully-automatic water softener or manual softener, control head has made in the United States, there are domestic and so on, the following me to introduce respectively their characteristics:
1. Manual type:
this way is one of the traditional standard way, basically have no top pressure upstream/downstream two forms, usually two carbon steel structure of tanks in parallel, according to different technological process, with 8 - for tanks 11 (manual valve Two tanks need 16 - Around 20 valve) , renewable use special salt pump will dissolve good salt pump into the resin tank ( This equipment has been the main form of domestic demineralized water equipment) 。 The structure of the demineralized water equipment main features are: process simple, easy to operate, low cost and can be applied to flow a lot of needs; But the technology behind, covers an area of big, running cost is also big, actual operation intensity is larger, the salt pump corrosion of heavy and high maintenance costs.
2。 Model of combination of automatic:
due to the use of manual equipment is too complex, in the early 1990 s, the domestic emerged a modular integrated valve as the core of the new equipment. The main core parts of this equipment is a multimodal integration valve, through the rotation of the body to change in the direction of flow. This equipment compared with the traditional manual equipment, this equipment compared with the traditional manual equipment, equipment covers an area of much smaller, high degree of automation. However, due to the time of control method USES the control, the runtime control precision is low. Limited by design, processing technology and materials, the planar integrated valve in use most of the equipment easy to wear and tear, once there is little possibility of repair after wear and tear. On the domestic market at present of this equipment manufacturers a lot, the actual quality of the product difference is bigger, a lot of equipment running effect is not satisfied.
3。 Imported automatic type
in the European and American countries, since the 1960 s began to ion exchange equipment automation design, with the development of industrial technology, gradually develop with the domestic many valve different multiplexer and integrated valves, mainly with multi-way valve is given priority to, main material, which has two kinds of engineering plastics and lead-free brass. The core components for a multimodal integration valve, generally controlled by valve plate or the piston in the direction of flow, driven by a small motor camshaft ( Or the piston) To action. Because foreign industrial technology development is good, so this kind of equipment has developed quite perfect, household specifications from 0. 2 t/h to about 70 t/h are used in industry, the controller is a high degree of automation, The latest and already industrial computer or ordinary monitoring computer communication) 。
4。 Discrete valve automatic type:
discrete valve is generally adopts imported full automatic diaphragm valve or solenoid valve, similar structure with traditional manual method is suitable to the special automatic controller ( MCU or PLC) To form a demineralized water equipment. Automatic type equipment is mainly used for traffic is bigger, can also be used in the traditional manual equipment modification, can not change the original equipment line under the condition of the traditional manual equipment modification into automation equipment. Reducing operation labor intensity, reduce consumption of equipment.
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