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Introduction to the disinfection method of the filter element of the water purifier in the drinking water purification equipment-[3M filter element]

by:Lvyuan      2021-02-22
As people now demand higher and higher quality of life and pay more and more attention to the health of drinking water, direct drinking water treatment equipment is also emerging. Whether it is small household water purifiers, or large-scale direct drinking water equipment used in factories, communities and other public places, they are constantly developing and expanding. However, in order to make the effluent water meet the water quality required by people, extend the service life of the equipment, and reduce the cost and investment of households and enterprises, it is necessary to maintain and clean up the equipment accessories. u003cbru003e   Water purifier filter element replacement precautions u003cbru003e  1. Check the length of the filter element to make the new filter element match the original filter element size to meet the installation standards. If the length of the filter element is not enough, you can use the method of adding rubber pads. u003cbru003e  2. When installing a household water purifier, pay attention to its position accurately. If the placement is not standard, the filter element will be damaged, the equipment will not operate normally, and the final water quality will not meet the healthy drinking standard. u003cbru003e  3. The filter element must be cleaned before installation, and then connected to the lower-level processing system. u003cbru003e  4. Regular cleaning and replacement of the filter element of the water purifier must be carried out. The use time depends on the water quality. The general use period is 6-8 months. u003cbru003e  Filter element disinfection method u003cbru003e  1. The pp cotton filter element is sterilized in the disinfection cabinet, and the temperature is 121℃ for half an hour. u003cbru003e  2, installed in the filter to steam for half an hour. u003cbru003e  3. Use sterilizing and disinfecting agents for cleaning and sterilization. u003cbru003e  The benefits of using the filter element correctly u003cbru003e  1. Extend the service life of the filter element and reduce the investment cost. u003cbru003e  2. Improve the working efficiency of the whole set of equipment. u003cbru003e  3. Make the equipment run stably and ensure that the water quality meets the healthy drinking water standards. u003cbru003e  Drinking water purification equipment adopts advanced processing technology, combined with filter elements, to provide people with a safe and healthy drinking water environment and improve people's quality of life. At present, this technology is widely used in the treatment of purified water and household tap water, so that people are no longer troubled by drinking water safety issues.
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