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Introduction to use of various kinds of water treatment filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Select special hybrid filter medium
in the United States, water filter is a big market, with sales of $1 billion a year, and is growing rapidly. Today's water business, just like in the 1950 s oil business prosperity. Use the filter is an important problem, want to know whether they really work. The main problem is chlorine, organic compounds in drinking water, THMS and lead, is the ideal filter, can effectively reduce the main pollutant, and reserve the device substances beneficial to human health. Water treatment plant basically can be divided into four classes: granular activated carbon filter, special mixed medium ( Activated carbon to add other medium) Filter, reverse osmosis and distillation device. Distillation and reverse osmosis are necessary to get rid of water minerals, unhealthy. Granular activated carbon filter is the most widely sales unit, it is enough to eliminate peculiar smell and chlorine in water, but almost can't effectively remove harmful chemicals and other pollutants in water, and special hybrid filter medium is designed, is used to deal with a wide range of filter.
if the problems focused on the removal of harmful pollutants, think to all the material in addition to the water is well water, it is easy to misleading. Through distillation, reverse osmosis and ion exchange, and even the combination of these methods, will achieve little or no mineral desalted water containing minerals, and desalting water, as a kind of artificial softened water, do not contain calcium, magnesium, total soluble solids is low, is not conducive to health.
to drink to the health water, we must look at problems from two aspects, we should greatly reduce or eliminate harmful material, but still need to keep the useful minerals in the water. In fact, in drinking water minerals, more easily absorbed by the body than in the food!
the study found that the main metal elements relative to the metabolism of main metal elements, much affected by the water main metal elements in total, if you need to main elements are met, has little or no the principal element absorption, will drain out. Distiller and reverse osmosis device can produce soft, does not contain any useful mineral water, the role of any harmful substances in the soft water will be amplified, a small amount of harmful substances in the water, than in hard water with the same amount of harmful material to produce more harmful to our health, more negative effect. So, drinking contaminated water and desalination of water ( Soft water) Will cause harm to human body health.

water to the harm of human body.
no food, we can live for a few weeks, but there is no water, we would die of dehydration after a few days. Was more than two-thirds of water body, such as: about 85% brain tissue water cut, the blood also contains 90% of the water, but most people don't understand the importance of water. Water is the most important part of the body, and at the same time also is to digest food, transport nutrients to every organization, discharge human waste, liquid circulation, lubricating joints and various internal organs as well as the necessary to regulate body temperature. Water is part of the blood system containing soluble minerals, which like dissolved calcium and magnesium, to the human body required for health maintenance organization. Healthy water is an essential nutrients we need to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day ( 2 l) After, when the intake of adequate water, some health problems can be solved or ease. Of the national academy of sciences concludes: the ideal drinking water can reduce cardiovascular disease mortality 15%. So, healthy water is a kind of easy to be ignored, but essential nutrients. The results show that contain a certain amount of hardness, soluble total solid, corresponding ~ 1] PH alkaline water is healthy water. Drinking contaminated water and desalination of water ( Soft water) All that bad
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