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Introduction to water reuse knowledge of water saving and emission reduction

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Now the main problems of water saving, is recycled after discharging standard of wastewater is difficult to do. This leads to the contradiction between water saving and emission reduction. Enterprise circulating water used by sewage effluent after treatment system. Such as the company's three factory each have 1 set of the sewage treatment system, each water treatment filter unit investment is more than 800 ten thousand yuan. Now outside drainage discharge standard is ammonia nitrogen content is less than 15 PPM, chemical oxygen demand (cod) is less than 50 PPM, basic can do satisfy the enterprise. However, because of soda water demand is higher and higher, now many companies to play up the idea of circulating water. The enterprise will be outside drainage repeatedly use - — Terminal water treatment finished, and then to advanced treatment, and gray water recycle, again as a supplement to water system. But outside of the water cycle process is a process of gradual enrichment. After enrichment of water, water reuse is done, but the discharging standard and became a problem. A day, 'he explained in detail such as the enterprise's displacement is 1000 cubic meters, could have all the discharging standard. But for the sake of saving water, recycling of 800 cubic meters of circulating water, the remaining 200 cubic meters of water after enrichment impurity content is high. In a sense, the inside of the water concentration after pollution factor concentration, is up to standard in the original 1000 cubic meters of water, but after 800 cubic meters of water, reuse of impurities in the remaining 200 cubic meters of condensed water is likely to be overweight, don't go out. In energy conservation and sense, the use of circulating water enterprise is made a contribution, but the rest of the 200 cubic meters of condensed water is not environmental protection, difficult to handle. This is the bottleneck of restricting enterprise realizing wastewater zero discharge. Impurities in the water, the more concentrated, the overweight. There is a recognition and understanding of the environmental protection department. If not approved, the enterprise can't go forward, a walk will be overweight. So technically now have what good method can solve?
electric adsorption technique is a desalination technology, at the same time of desalination can complete part of the degradation of COD, strong water COD content does not increase.
electric adsorption equipment electric double layer of the surface of the electrode thickness is 1 ~ 100 nm, the electric field intensity of 107 ~ 109 v/m. Generated on the electrode surface under the effect of strong electric field, the life is short, strong oxidizing active substances, including e - 1 ( Solvent electronic) , · OH and · O2H, O2 · free radicals, such as they can make some difficult to degradation of organic pollutants are more likely to break down, especially the electrochemical oxidation of extremely strong · OH hydroxyl radicals can occur between organic matter and adduct, replace and electron transfer reactions for organic pollutants degradation and mineralization, and will not cause no secondary pollution.
electric adsorption technology application in the process of product water COD removal rate at 40% 80%, has the strong water COD of raw water can still direct emissions, solved the contradiction between water saving and emission reduction.
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