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is a reverse osmosis home water filter the best choice for your family?

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
When it comes to household filters, the default choice for many people is the reverse osmosis filter.
This is true because they are used in most public places such as grocery stores and large water supply companies.
Wouldn\'t the big water companies and suppliers be wrong?
Well, maybe so.
Reverse osmosis water filtration technology is popular as the default technology because it is technically easy to implement and relatively cheap.
It can also remove harmful pollutants from the water.
Good so far.
The potential problem with this technology is that it also removes the trace minerals your body wants and needs from the water.
What is missing from reverse osmosis?
Mineral water is not the same as tap water, it will not be the same no matter what you do to it.
We are not talking about mineral water as defined by geologists. We are talking about ordinary water and the natural trace minerals it contains.
They are simple things like salt and calcium, and your body uses them as much as nutrients in food.
The \"pure\" water will not contain any minerals or harmful contaminants and will not be the healthiest option.
What is another option?
In fact, there are several ways to choose when looking for steering hard water (
Solids including minerals)soft (without. )
The most common is the combination of carbon filters and secondary sub-filters
Particle filter or ion exchange.
These filters can produce water as cheaply and conveniently as reverse osmosis filters, while leaving trace minerals your body uses for nutrition.
Either side of the drinking water debate is debating whether the mineral content in carbon filtered water is sufficient to affect people\'s diet.
In fact, minerals in any water cannot replace the need for a healthy diet.
The last is about choice.
About the type of water you want to drink, the choices you make for you and your family.
The key is to start making informed decisions with as much information as possible and understand what options are available.
No matter which type of water filtration system you end up using, it\'s cheaper, more convenient, and more environment-friendly than bottled water, so you\'re on the right path.
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