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Is expected to be completed 2016 qianjiang sewage treatment plant

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-25
Qianjiang sewage treatment plant is one of xiaoshan district two sewage treatment plants, the main processing from the urban area, south evaluated integratedly and binjiang, sewage, and given priority to with domestic sewage. As to further improve the urban sewage removal rate of pipe, the plant capacity increasing. Especially south sewage removal completed pipe drainage systems, the interconnection of wastewater will be sent to the sewage treatment plant, qianjiang appear increasingly urgent to upgrade.
water treatment company is accelerate the sewage treatment plant expansion and qianjiang DiBiao reconstruction project. , after the completion of qianjiang scale will increase 120000 tons/day sewage treatment plant, the effluent water quality is executed 'urban sewage treatment plant pollutant discharge standard' level 1 A standard.
according to the requirements, qianjiang sewage treatment plant effluent water quality standards must be in before the end of 2015, by level up to the level of A, B or COD ( Chemical oxygen demand) Control in 50 mg/L and the following. To this end, qianjiang launched production technology and equipment of wastewater treatment plant DiBiao transformation, further improve effluent water quality. 'Work is the focus of the technology and equipment upgrades. 'The chief said, qianjiang sewage treatment plant will be the first and second phase of the process line DiBiao renovation, and increase the efficient precipitation process and fiber rotary filter depth, tail water discharge standards. Qianjiang sewage treatment plant will also to sealed deodorization of sewage and sludge treatment facilities, and to improve the way of part of the sludge dewatering.
while DiBiao, qianjiang also is gearing up for expansion projects of sewage treatment plant, after the completion of the project can add daily capacity of 120000 tons, processing capacity of 340000 tons/day, can meet the 5 - in the future Ten years of sewage treatment requirements. DiBiao renovation project is expected to be completed by 2016 putting-in-service proactively, will effectively alleviate the pressure of the xiaoshan district sewage treatment.
sewage treatment is also related to people all aspects of the water, the livelihood of the people living in the relationship between sewage treatment, reasonable water, saving water is also important for every citizen.
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