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Japan prepared to launch nuclear sewage purification plant in June

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Japan's accident countermeasure unifying the department announced this month 27 radioactive wastewater treatment plan, ready to run sewage purification equipment in May, is expected to open purification equipment running jobs in June.
specific refers to the sewage treatment process: first of all, will use the waste concentrated can separate oil from the sewage water treatment equipment, only the use of zeolite reflex cesium concentration will make the original one over one thousand, on the basis of the use of special drugs for precipitation treatment, eventually make the sewage concentration of radioactive one over ten thousand of the original. Water treatment equipment processing capacity is estimated to be 1200 tons a day, so the unit 1 to 4, up to 8. 750000 tons of sewage can be processed within 73 days, integrated the department pointed out that even if every day all the injection of 500 tons of nuclear reactor cooling water leaked, estimated years again will be processed sewage purification.
after in addition to salt water after purification treatment working procedure can be used for cooling the reactor, word pollution of the water extract of reflective material will be temporarily stored in the plant, and further processing methods to equipment and technology cooperation in the future. Nuclear waste water treatment is related to the whole Japan and even east Asia is located in the water safety, we filter the source water treatment equipment co. , LTD. , as a processing system for employees, we want the stress colleagues attention every day, we are colleagues hope that Japan will soon run water purification equipment, sewage treatment is completed as soon as possible.
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