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Japan's fukushima nuclear power plant equipment and leakage

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
The latest Japanese news network news, the fukushima polluting water treatment facilities found serious leaking problem again. Originally scheduled for today ( The June 17) Began formal operation plan was postponed again.
Tokyo electric power company, said on June 16, later found that absorb the purification of radioactive cesium 24 cylindrical gear container deposit of 30 cm high polluted water, that the whole equipment leaking problem again. 14 this month, the equipment in the trial operation, has found more than 10 pipeline leakage.
the plant is currently more than 100000 tons of polluting water were deposited. Tokyo electric power company in France and the United States, the pollution of water purification processing system, the hope that a system can purify 1200 tons of contaminated water every day. However, from the point of the present situation, is not optimistic.
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