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Japan's water treatment equipment into China speed up the construction of environmental protection

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
China, according to 'Japanese qiaobao xinhua net' at the same time in the usher in the high-speed economic development, environmental pollution and water pollution has caused the attention of the society from all walks of life. To take this opportunity to Japanese related enterprises will be the core of the water purification technology - — Main market offensive membrane water treatment areas of China.
according to 'Japanese economic news' news from Japan, the Japanese famous water holding company mitsubishi corporation issued a statement on December 21, 2010, will be officially put the high-tech water treatment membrane production technology introduced into China.
mitsubishi plans by 2015 investment from 200 to 40 billion yen, and strive to make water treatment related business turnover reached 70 billion yen. Due to the expected China to industrial water recycling and water purification equipment, of the demand is increasing day by day mitsubishi will expand overseas business, and look to the Chinese market.
mitsubishi will with large engineering company of China, Beijing water source science and technology cooperation, to establish a joint venture company. And the desire to invest 3 billion yen, in building membrane water treatment factory in wuxi city, jiangsu province, the factory began in 2012 is expected to be put into use. Mitsubishi will also be in the spring of 2011 with China energy conservation and environmental protection group and Shanghai industrial investment, joint ventures, the official start of the export to China sewer drainage equipment and water treatment membrane water purification equipment, etc.
the post-war Japan has experienced the high-speed economic development, in the treatment of environmental pollution problems caused by the high-speed economic development has its own way. As environmental management industry leading enterprises, mitsubishi has mastered the advanced technology such as membrane separation activated sludge process. After China's reform and opening up, as in post-war Japan also ushered in the high-speed economic development period. At the same time, the urban environment pollution has become a important problem, especially in big city center area water quality improvement is on the agenda.
so, mitsubishi has seized the opportunity, the big market, bullish on China development from the production, selling to a series of operations such as operation, and is expected to operating profit increased by eight percent.
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