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Japan tepco processing the latest dynamic of fukushima nuclear pollution

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Japan tepco target is in the end of the year 200000 tons of sewage processing, and then to August 9, tepco only about 4. 20000 tons of highly radioactive sewage disposed of about 120000 tons of storage in the place such as turbine building basement.
'Japanese economic news' reported that Tokyo electric power said that due to the cesium adsorption device has a problem, tepco nuclear sewage purification process. On Tuesday, has begun testing a new radioactive water treatment equipment, but tepco from October to January can achieve cold shutdown, there is uncertainty.
the State Oceanic Administration website announced the preliminary results from the western Pacific Ocean environmental radioactivity monitoring of all parties concerned. The State Oceanic Administration of environmental protection department in recent days to the media said in a written reply to the monitoring results show that polluted the high seas far above Japan announced influence scope, do not rule out the possibility of nuclear pollutants into the sea areas under the jurisdiction in our country.
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