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JPP( Polypropylene) Series filter core

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21

JPP( Polypropylene) Series filter core description:
JPP ( Polypropylene) Series filter element USES polypropylene microporous fiber mat as the filter medium, high entrapment efficiency, large flux, carrying large amount. Other structural materials are polypropylene, has a wide range of chemical compatibility, low dissolution. Long service life.

JPP( Polypropylene) Series filter core application:
, high pure water prefiltering
and aseptic filtration pre filter in front of the activated carbon

, purify water, medicine,
, food, drink water

JPP ( Polypropylene) Main technical indicators: series filter element:
filtering precision. μ m、. μ m、. μ μm; μm; μm; μm; μm; M
filter area:. m/″
the highest working temperature: ℃
maximum differential pressure:. MPa, ℃, positive
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