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Landscape water treatment, Landscape water purification equipment)

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
At present most of the residential area are considered in the planning and design of water quality of routine maintenance and purifying water purification treatment, but mostly by means of a single treatment or physical or chemical or biological, thus causing the large upfront investment, running cost, the result of the effect is not significant, the water quality is not stable, or sometimes the algae blooms, or sometimes water black smelly, insect breeding, and the traces of artificial waterscape always.
the following is a man-made lake water treatment, landscape water method to make a simple introduction of:
1, the physical way:
a. Water diversion in
when suspended in water ( Such as clay, sand) Increased, the transparency of water drops, water quality tourne. Can through the way of water, in water, dilute the impurity concentration in the water, in order to reduce the concentration of the impurity but need to replace a lot of water, and the shortage of water resources in our country is quite, is bound to waste precious water resources.
b。 Loop filter purification.
in the early stages of the waterscape design, according to the size of the water body, design form a complete set of quartz sand filter and sterilizer and circulating water pump, such as uv sterilizer and embedding cycle with line, used for daily water quality after maintenance. If water area is larger, must extend the cycle of loop filter, make water quality can not achieve the desired effect. Filtration purification has been widely applied in daily landscape water treatment.
2, chemical methods: adding the algae fungicidal
open water, under the sun, can make the algae blooms in the water, be full of the whole surface, not only affects the water body and beautiful, and blocked off the sun, leaving many underwater preventing plant photosynthesis, release oxygen, the chemical changes of the pollutants in water, causing water quality deterioration, giving off a terrible stench, water became black.
so adding the chemical algae removal agent, kill algae. Will appear over time, the water resistance of algae, the efficiency of algae removal agent will gradually decline, coagulant dosage interval will be more and more short, and dosing quantity will be more and more, algae removal agent varieties also frequent replacement, pollution to the environment is in constant increase, and this kind of pollution will affect our future generations. So using chemical approach to water quality, although it is immediate, but it is also obvious.
3, microbiological methods: adding the microorganisms
large and extensive exist in nature, is one of the important composition of ecological system. They can be animals and plants in the nature of bodies and debris decomposition, some harmful pollutants to absorption and transformation, become harmless or less poison material.
in landscape water quality deterioration, adding the appropriate amount of microbes ( All kinds of strains) , accelerate the decomposition of pollutants in water, have the effect of water purification. Microbial breeding at a surprising speed, geometric growth, every breed more or less will produce some new variants, resulting in a decline in microbial ability to deal with water quality, and it is difficult to control the number of its growth and much affected by the environment, such as temperature, pressure and so on. At the same time, microbial decomposition, can cause the algae blooms, again lead to bad water quality.
with microbial treatment water quality, therefore, must be regular screening of microbial cultivation, preservation, rejuvenation, and so on a series of professional processing, and cannot guarantee water quality situation in a good condition for a long time.
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