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Large flow filter filtration process

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Large flow filter filtration process

big flow filter filtration, muddy water from the inlet pipe by the muddy ditch, sink into the filter, filter material layer and supporting layer from top to bottom wear, collected by the water distribution system, and is discharged through the outlet pipe.

after a period of filter, filter material layer intercept increase filter layer porosity decreases the number of suspended solids, make pore water velocity increases, the results on the one hand, filtration resistance increases, on the other hand the water trapped in the pore impurity scouring force increases, use water quality is poor. When the head loss exceeds allowable values, or effluent concentration of suspended solids more than specified value, the filter should be terminated, namely to filter backwash.

big flow filter backwash water by water pipe through a water distribution system into the filter, from bottom up through the retainer, filter material layer, and finally by the sink wastewater drainage discharge. Filter backwash, into the next cycle.
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