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Large flow filter performance reflected in what respect?

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Large flow filter performance has a lot of, use in daily life and work of mainly reflected in four aspects, these four aspects to a large extent affected the big flow filter field of the purpose and use.

below, let us learn more about and meet big flow filter performance:

a, horizontal pleating design and technology.

as large flow filtration system at the core of the filter unit, large flow filter used the technology level of discount, in limited space within the filter medium flow area;

folding technology ensures that fluid through the filter at the same time, each unit area have fluid through the filter medium, to ensure that the filter medium area completely transform effective filter area.

2, 20 times more than conventional filter flux.

through the flow of chang way, three inches filter inside diameter, the single filter high traffic reached 110 tons/hour.

3, strong filtration efficiency.

high flow filter that accuracy and filtering efficiency as of 99 when five microns. 9%, the filter in the process of test, 5 microns of filtration efficiency is more than 99. 9%, and for 3 of 99 microns particle impurities filtration efficiency also. More than 5%.

4, long life of filter.

for traditional filter, high filtration efficiency, high e-coating capacity and service life are often unable to seek a good balance.

the products with high filtration efficiency, its carrying capacity and service life may tend to be short;

on the contrary, big flow filter because of its own technical advantages and unique design good balance the filtration efficiency, carrying capacity and service life, the relationship between the three did 99. 9% of the filtration efficiency and single filter capacity quantity to 15 kg.
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