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Large flow line around the filter how naisuanjian corrosion?

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Relative to the big flow line around the filter element, it has a big feature is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion. So, in addition to this characteristic, large flow line around the filter what advantage performance?

wire wound filter USES the textile fiber yarn according to the specific process tightly wound on porous skeleton, control filter layer winding density and filter hole shape, made of different filtration precision of filter.

in the thin outside of honeycomb structure, filter drain tight, deep has good filtering effect, can effectively remove impurities such as suspended solids, rust, particles in the liquid. Filter can be used a variety of materials to adapt to the demand of various kinds of liquid filtration.

the main characteristic of large flow line around the filter element:

(1) large amount of acid and alkali resistance, carrying;

(2) flux, good chemical compatibility;

3. Deep filter, without any adhesive.


1, industrial water, water, food and beverage prefiltering such as water;

2, developer, etching liquid, plating solution, organic solvent such as pretreatment;

3, cooling circulating water, boiler water, ultrapure water burning stone filtering;

4, acid alkali, resin, paint, adhesives, graphite, ink, such as photographic rinses prefiltering.
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