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Large flow water filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Keywords: water filter | PP wire wound filter filter | | PP folding PP melt-blown filter | large flow filter | activated carbon filter

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reverse osmosis for the big flow filter filter filter applications, such as high traffic, 2 with the standards. 5 inches compared to greatly reduce the cost of investment. Each major flow filter processing flow can reach 70 t/H, so it can reduce the use of filter element number and greatly reduce the dimensions of the small filter shell. Every big flow filter of flow is equivalent to 30 2. 5 inches in diameter 40 inches long average filter. The installation of high flow filter is more reliable, fast and convenient. Large flow filter can provide nominal filtration precision level is 0. 5,1,5 and 50 microns and is made of polypropylene. Areas of application: drinking water, reverse osmosis pretreatment, petrochemical industry, sewage treatment, lubricating oil, cooling fluid. The current design localization of supercritical unit with profiteer, ultra supercritical units. Profiteer are tubular filter filters, the filters installed in a certain number of filter element, the external into the water by each filter yuan, from the center of the filter element in the perforated pipe flow, impurities trapped in the filter element surface. There are two main types of filter element form, membrane with the winding filter element, when not in membrane with the folding filter element. In the unit is started folding filter yuan precision & 10 mu; M, when the normal operation of the filter 2 yuan precision & mu; M or 5 & mu; M I company produces the spiral wound filter parameters all adopt computer control, uniform between line and line arrangement, completely can ensure the comprehensive performance of the product, and using porous support 304 stainless steel tube, the detonation can bear high strength resin film and backwashing process of instantaneous high pressure, and ensure the filter element deformation, polypropylene fiber loss, make the safety operation of the water treatment system are guaranteed. Its characteristics: low continuous polypropylene fiber wire spiral wound filter, filter element parameters are all arranged by using the computer, ensure the comprehensive performance of products; Low total length filter/resin coating evenly; * all stainless steel with screw thread interface center pipe and fittings; Low for backwashing operation of special design; Low total length of high sewage capacity; Low for all purposes the powdered resin filter/profiteer provide different size of the filter element; When install the filter element device single output is big, covers an area of small, main building easy to decorate; System is simple, no pollution of acid and alkali consumption and regeneration of alkali waste, waste easy to handle, and environmentally friendly; Low investment cost is low, the condensate fine treatment before and after the pressure loss is small. Web site
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