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Laundry softened water treatment equipment

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Demineralized water equipment can be stable and continuous production does not contain heavy metals such as calcium and magnesium ion demineralized water. Used in laundry industry can be a lot of detergent, the dosage of softener saving. Improve the quality of washing, avoid clothings extensive blond, hard. Is to improve the quality of washing and washing enterprise indispensable necessary equipment
in nature water natural water of the earth's atmospheric precipitation, surface water and groundwater categories, is widely distributed in nature, such as sea water, river water, well water. All of the natural water pollution by people if not is not pure, because water has great mobility and strong ability to dissolve, contain a variety of soluble substances and impurities. This water is not suitable for washing clothes. Water is the water washing medium, fabric washing, prewash and main water washing, bleaching, and a series of process must be water. Good water quality can ensure that the washing quality.
2, the quality of the washing water
there is a quality standard of water quality. The water quality standard is according to determine the content of the impurities in the water. In the nature by a wide distribution salts such as calcium, magnesium, calcium magnesium salt is thus became a main component of hardness. Generally the total hardness of water is the water containing the sum of calcium and magnesium ion concentration. Hardness unit has with Germany, namely 1 100 water containing calcium carbonate as a degree in Germany. Now with the tendency for L as hard water unit. A German degree equal to zero. 357更易/ L。 Due to the amount and type of water containing impurities, general water into two types: hard water and soft water. The hardness in 2. 9更易/ L ( 8. German degrees) Over the water called hard water.
3, the disadvantages of hard water washing
with high calcium and magnesium ions of hard water and soap to wash clothes, soap, 30% of ingredients by calcium and magnesium ions and hard water consumption. And combining the generated after the calcium and magnesium soap, is a kind of viscous substance does not dissolve in water, easily contaminated clothing, and it is difficult to remove, if remain on the clothes will make clothings extensive white, yellow, brittle. So hard water is not suitable for washing clothes.
due to the benefits of soft water washing does not contain heavy metals such as calcium and magnesium ion in water softening, will not react with detergent and will not generate insoluble attachment, so that can save a lot of detergent, softener, bleach, while eliminating the adhesion of stains on clothing, also avoid the clothings extensive blond, hard.
4, soften water preparation
to soften the traditional preparation methods on the following two kinds:
1, the heating method: by heating the water boils again cold cold, precipitation, to remove the bottom with the upper scale less demineralized water. This method need to consume large amounts of energy, and in the process of heating a scale precipitation, attached to the heating equipment such as boiler, etc. , will soon make its damage.
2, dosing method: namely the phosphide into the water, such as chemical sodium phosphate, to complex the water calcium and magnesium ions. This method is first put reagent cost is high, the second is the environmental pollution is large, parts has banned the use of phosphate preparations. The mainest is it can only be part of the lower water hardness, cannot completely remove the calcium and magnesium ions in the water. The most advanced, economic and effective water softening manufacturing method is to use fully automatic water softener, by ion exchange method to completely remove the calcium and magnesium ions in the water, resulting in low hardness of demineralized water. Five, softened water equipment,

the basis of the principle of ion exchange softened water equipment, by the controller, ion exchange of tank, regeneration salt tank. Controller unattended, all-weather automatic operation. Adopt new material cation exchange resin, has the exchange of large capacity, long life characteristics. Ion exchange liquid tank and salt exchange box adopts domestic high quality products with sturdy beautiful shape, a full set of equipment has reliable operation, saving water, save electricity, low salt consumption and long life characteristics. Can choose according to need water rate 1 t/H ~ 200 t/H of the equipment. Very low softening water hardness & lt; 0. 03 tendency for L, fully meet the laundry water quality requirements.
steam boiler for softening water, according to the relevant provisions of the state in order to ensure the safe operation of the steam boiler water demineralized water must be used to prevent scale, fully automatic water softener to soften produced water hardness & lt; 0. 03 tendency for L, completely conforms to national standard GB1576 - 2001 the industrial boiler water quality requirements. Technical supervision bureau and the labor security department acceptance of boiler room for essential equipment.
ironing equipment to use demineralized water steam generator, iron, such as the use of hard water in the process of ironing will produce scale, heating tube caused by burning, steam injection hole blockage, ironing clothes with white stains, light and so on. When using softened water after these problems are solved.
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