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Liquid junction of filter bag use of what technology?

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Liquid filter bag with * * * * * * and domestic filter materials, adopt scientific processing technology, strict quality control, tailor products can provide customers with technical solutions. Liquid filter material does not contain silicone oil, used in food or coating demanding situations, such as filtration efficiency can reach 99%. Liquid junction of filter bag use technology? 1, hot melt: my company proxy filter bag with * * * * * * * * * hot melt bonding technology, to ensure that the filter bag has joint strength, prevent leakage. 2, sewing: my company proxy filter bag sewn rigorous, solid and durable, stitching joint sealing effect is good. Pure car suture without any silicone oil and other lubricants ingredients, avoid the common sewing secondary pollution problems of the filter bag.
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