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Look at the Shanghai international exhibition of pump pipe valve to know the development of new guidance

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
During the exhibition, and amraphel the industry media and the process industry hosted 2019 fluid conveying technology innovation and application of conference, sponsored by the Beijing Great Wall electronic commerce co. , LTD. , China petrochemical material bidding training, health and safety environment of Shanghai research institute hosted the third annual HSE management innovation BBS beltway, gathered from petrochemical industry, water conservancy, municipal construction and other experts in the field of, focus nowadays new dynamic fluid machinery industry.

and by China engineering construction standardization association professional committee of building water supply and drainage, water industry branch of China civil engineering institute and the construction of Shanghai institute of building water supply and drainage professional committee sponsored by the 'Yangtze river delta building water supply and drainage designer conference' will continue to previous experience of BBS, better implementation of xi jinping, general secretary of 'priority to water saving and spatial equilibrium, system management, his hands with' water control guidelines, adhere to innovation, coordination, the development of green, open, sharing ideas, build effective, reasonable and standard of building water supply development blueprint. This meeting invited Shanghai Gu Zhengyou construction design & research institute co. , LTD, general share public building projects like sponge technology analyses and case, the topic of secondary water supply, the conference is expected in Shanghai and the whole east China area of building water supply and drainage workers bring positive influence.

as a fluid equipment industry's leading high quality pump pipe valve exhibition, Shanghai international exhibition of pump pipe valve ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'exhibition' Shanghai pump valve) Will be on June 3-2019 5 national conference and exhibition center in Shanghai, the exhibition scale expansion to 70000 square meters, collected more than 1200 exhibitors. 2. 50000 exhibits cover pump accessory products, intelligent water supply equipment, valve, pump valve, pipe and pipe fittings, actuator, electrical energy and supporting etc series products. The exhibition, the activity remains a bright spot, hundred meetings, focused on the current hot, fresh air to unlock fluid machinery industry, brilliant worth for three days.

the continuation of the last year and the water supply management office of Shanghai and Shanghai municipal water supply industry association cooperation, this year's meeting again to upgrade. As the Shanghai city water, Shanghai urban construction design & research institute ( Group) Co. , LTD. , with the addition of donghua university, this session will explore water infrastructure upgrades, secondary water supply ShuiLing optimization, pipe network system modeling, such as hot topic, at the same time invited from zhejiang, anhui, jiangsu, fujian, shenzhen and other places water department agreement, construct platform for exchanges and cooperation in Yangtze river delta urban water supply, through the national strategy, promote regional water, water expert with the industry leader in in-depth communication, comprehensive to share their experiences, promote the water industry to optimize business environment, power wisdom city construction and development. Has now confirmed speakers with Shanghai municipal engineering design & research institute deputy chief engineer Mr Xu Jiajiong; Shanghai city cast water group vice manager Mr Chen Zhongmin new business; Shanghai city for water group network operation monitoring center, deputy director of the Wu Xiao Mr Yong and lake shu poetry, professor at the school of donghua university environment.
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