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Luxi chemical to our company to inspect

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Luxi Chemical Group Co. , Ltd. , industries involving Chemical industry, fertilizer industry, equipment manufacturing, installation and Chemical research design, has yearly produces 4 million tons of Chemical products, production capacity of 3. 5 million tons of fertilizer products, Chemical equipment manufacturing capacity of 150000 tons; 'Lucy' brand compound fertilizer for 'China famous brand product'. Enterprise has a state-level enterprise technology center; In shandong province was awarded the 'national May Day labor diploma', 'provincial quality prize', 'China's chemical industry technology innovation demonstration enterprise', 'national petroleum and chemical industry responsible care best practices for unit' and so on more than a dozen provincial title of honor.

in 2017 Shanghai expo luxi group see my company's Marketing Department personnel are particularly interested in, after the big flow water filter found after liu communication in my company, my company product requirements by regulation of group consensus, then leave each other contact information, the exhibition after the luxi group chosen to come to my company visit, since then, I be a main supplier luxi group company. In 2017, our company will supply luxi group only a few batches, including water filter, oil filter, air filter, filters and other related equipment. On July 20, 2018 luxi group manager zhao again came to my company, under the guidance of my company Yang line, in-depth workshop seriously understanding of every production process, for my company's raw materials, production equipment, production process for the visit, come to our company sample room, after seeing my company rich product variety, manager zhao appreciated by my company professional design capability and production capacity. I for the company to provide products is also very sure.

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