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Maintenance of large flow filter should pay attention to small details

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
In the process of daily use large flow filter, time for a long time, there may be some wear or use effect, you will have trouble to handle. Therefore, we are going to use in common, big will flow filter maintenance.

the main purpose of the large flow filter is used to filter medium of solid particles and colloidal substances, can effectively control the degree of pollution. Large flow filter of large diameter of the design, can increase the effective filtration area, have sharply reduced the number of filter element of the problem.

in many applications, it is because the large flow filter of large flow rate and long life of filter, reduced labor costs and investment.

the maintenance of large flow filter method and the matters needing attention:

one, don't ignore the shell of wear and tear or damage to the gasket.

if large flow filter element with seal. We must be careful to change, to ensure there is no old washer shell; Seal did not wear, do not reuse the old washer.

2, don't tap big flow filter for cleaning.

tap filter can remove dust, but the filter will be damaged. Engine damage of tapping not too deep pollutants, so big flow filter can work stable and replacement to maintain security.

3, do not use damaged filter paper paste big flow filter.

do not install concave or convex filters, because they cannot effectively prevent pollutants from entering the; Depression may result in uneven seal or may indicate damage across filter paper; The sag of filters that are attached to the filter paper will consume more engine and fuel.
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