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Make the application of sintered filter obtained remarkable achievement

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
At present our country most of the oil field has entered the stage of the middle and late oil production, it is well known that stainless steel sintered filter can be used not rusting, corrosion resistance advantages can be produced in the liquid water content is 70 - 80%, some oil fields as high as 90%, and with the increase of extraction time, the water content increasing, so is a huge amount of oilfield produced wastewater in our country. If such a large number of produced water, the direct discharge will cause serious environmental pollution, and waste precious water resources at the same time. Make the application of sintered filter obtained remarkable achievement.

used in oil field water injection, the oil field produced water has been treated more like fresh water has the following advantages: 1, the oilfield produced water containing surface active material and the temperature is higher, can improve the capability of washing oil. Oil displacement efficiency increase with the increase of the salinity of water and produced water containing surfactants, especially close to the bottom of produced water salinity, its biggest oil displacement efficiency value. 2, water quality stability, and reservoirs to mix does not produce precipitate.

sintered filter using quartz sand and anthracite filter material to directly to intercept the impurities in the water, purify water, suspended solids, particulate matter, reduce the turbidity, purify water quality, reduce system dirt, bacteria and algae, corrosion, etc, to purify the water quality. After sintering filter treatment of water quality up to the national wastewater discharge standard.

sintered filter has the stable discharging water, low operating cost, cover an area of an area small, long service life characteristics.
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