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Manganese sand filter application in papermaking industry

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Zhejiang pinghu RongSheng green paper is a paper of listed companies, in order for our company of manganese sand filter, flow 200 tons/hour, the two 3200 mm diameter in parallel, 304 stainless steel material, adopts the water separator cloth, stainless steel 304 water cap, in and out of the gate for 6 stainless steel pipes, manganese sand filter using quartz sand cushion thickness of 300 mm, the above to fill the 2 - 1-4 mm manganese sand, 2 mm manganese sand, has been completed delivery of the goods.
manganese sand filter, also known as iron manganese filter, is a kind of mechanical filter, he mainly removing iron and manganese ions in water, improve water clarity, prevent to produce a piece of paper with 'pitting', he is different from the quartz sand filter, quartz sand filter mainly by filling the quartz sand filter material to intercept the impurities such as suspended solids in the water, and manganese sand filter has catalytic oxidation, and intercept the oxide of iron manganese ion adsorption, so as to remove the water of iron and manganese ions.
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