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Manganese sand filter applied in mining water treatment

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Manganese sand filter is also called the iron manganese filter, main is to remove the iron manganese ions in waste water, after aeration filter, the effect is very good, manganese sand filter material cost is relatively high, so some people say that using quartz sand filters or activated carbon filter, many media filters instead of no, obviously not, manganese sand filter adsorption by manganese in manganese sand iron manganese ion, quartz sand can remove part, but the result is bad, can adsorption activated carbon part, didn't manganese sand effect is good, and the high cost of activated carbon, obviously is not high cost performance, ion exchanger, such as water softener after iron manganese ion, although can absorb iron manganese ion, but it is easy to make resin 'poisoning', can't restore through regeneration. Sichuan is a mining, used the fiber ball filter, quartz sand filter effect is not very ideal, we suggest using manganese sand filter, the water immediately improve, seemingly filter tanks appearance is similar, but is not the same as the filter material, the effect is different also, this is called 'point of brine tofu, everything has its vanquisher. '.
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