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Manganese sand filter materials

by:Lvyuan Filter     2021-01-21
Manganese sand filter materials are using high quality domestic, grain density, mechanical strength, strong chemical activity, not easily broken, insoluble in water, natural manganese ores. After the water washing grinding in removing impurity, drying, such as magnetic separation, screening, dust removal technology into sand. Then processed manganese sand according to certain gradation blending. It has the ideal water treatment filter, grading scale, making it in unit volume, specific surface area of the largest, the most powerful section carrying capacity, the catalytic oxidation of the largest and the smallest backwash turnover. Manganese sand filter material appearance rough brown or light gray, often used for domestic and drinking water of iron and manganese removal filter, filtering effect is very good. ( Note: MnO2 35% or higher is in addition to iron, and manganese removal, MnO2 30% or less) Can only be used for groundwater in addition to iron) Manganese sand filter material is mainly used for reducing the total iron, ferromanganese and manganese in the water content, according to China's domestic and drinking water hygiene standard gauge its iron content is 0 or less. 3 ㎎ / L, manganese content is 0 or less. 1 ㎎ / L, long drink water containing high iron manganese content will seriously affect health.
about use fixed number of year, manganese sand filter materials on the iron concentration in the groundwater is commonly 3 ~ 5 years, the groundwater iron concentration is low, service life is longer, some of which have been more than ten years. In some natural manganese sand filter, filter layer of the upper manganese sand will gradually form spherical sand 'rust', 'sand' rust surface with a layer of 'active filter membrane', still have contact with catalytic iron ability, therefore, form the 'iron ore', is not a sign of natural manganese sand failure. Sand when 'rust' grew up the particle size of the filter material is too thick and influence iron removal effect, it is necessary to replace part of the filter material.
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