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Many media filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Medium filter which USES two or more above the medium as a filter, filter medium in the industrial circulating water treatment system, to remove impurities in sewage, adsorption oil etc, make water quality meets the requirement of recycling. Generally used for domestic water pretreatment, industrial water treatment, swimming pool water treatment, etc. , many media filters filter material used must have enough mechanical strength, in order to avoid in the process of reverse wash quickly wear and breakage; Better chemical stability; Does not contain harmful to human body health and toxic substances, does not contain harmful to the production, affect the production of material; The selection of the filter material, should try to use high adsorption ability, great capacity of sewage, water rate, good water quality filter material.

more than one, medium filter effect more medium filter, also known as mechanical filter, main effect is to remove the suspended substances in the water, and solid particles. Suspended solid is insoluble in water of colloidal solid matter, they can precipitate when appropriate. Use of suspended solid interception filter to filter medium intercept a weight difference before and after the suspended solid as the basis of measuring filter function. Filter medium generally use D = 0. 5 - 1. 0 mm filter material medium. According to the impurity elements in the water can be used in a single layer and multi-layer filter, double filtering.
medium filter is more into a layer of anthracite coal, sand, and finely garnet, or other material for the bed. The top of the bed is composed of the lightest and most coarse grade material, the heaviest and the most fine grade material in the lower part of the bed. The principle of filter - based on depth - Larger particles on the top floor in water has been removed, depth of small particles in the filter medium is removed. So that the water quality reach standard after the coarse filtration.
medium filter can remove more big particles suspended in water, and reduces the SDI value of the water, can satisfy the demands of deep purifying water quality. The device has low cost, low operating cost, simple operation; Filter material after backwashing, reusable, long service life of filter material, etc.
2, more medium filter application
medium filter is widely used in water treatment process, mainly used for water treatment in addition to the turbidity, demineralized water, electrodialysis, reverse osmosis pretreatment before order, can also be used for surface water, groundwater, sediment removal, etc. Filter medium generally use D = 0. 5 - 1. 0 mm filter material medium. According to the impurity elements in the water can be used in a single layer and multi-layer filter, double filtering.
more medium filter production medium filter according to the types of control can be divided into manual and automatic. Manual type mainly through the adjustment of the valve to control the operation of the filter, is washed, backwashing; And automatic type is run to filter through the FLECK controller, is washed and backwashing, state control, according to the material of tank can be divided into the glass fiber reinforced plastic cans, carbon steel, stainless steel pot, pot wall can according to user requirements for internal coating or rubber lining anticorrosive epoxy coating. More than three,
medium filter backwash
many medium filter in the process of filtering, etc by the filter material layer interception in raw water adsorption and constantly accumulated in the filter material layer, so the filter layer porosity by contamination jams, gradually form a filter cake in the surface of filter layer, filter head loss increases. When a limit is reached, need to have clean filter material, improves the performance of the filter layer recovery work, continue to work.
the more filter medium because of head loss increase, water adsorbed on the surface of the filter material, contamination of the shear stress, some particles in the impact of the water flow down to lower level in the filter material, will eventually make the suspended solids in the water content increasing, the water quality variation, when impurities through filter layer, the filter loss of filtering effect. To a certain extent, therefore, need to clean filter material, in order to restore the filter material layer, pollutant carrying capacity more than medium filter suspended solids in sewage contains a large amount of organic matter, long-term retention in the filter layer can lead to bacterial microorganism enrichment of reproduction in the filter layer, and anaerobic corruption,
4, need to regular cleaning filter, multiple medium filter operation note
the length of the medium filter backwashing cycle is the main factor related to the filter effect is good or bad. Short, waste of backwashing water backwashing cycle; The long cycle of backwashing influence activated carbon adsorption effect; Generally speaking, when the bed water turbidity below 5 mg/L, backwashing time should be 4 ~ 5 days.
more medium filter in backwashing filter layer whether inflation of filter layer flushing, impact is bigger. Filter layer expansion ratio is too small, the lower the activated carbon suspension does not rise, its surface irrigation is not clean; When inflation is too large, easy to run 'c'. In the operation of general control the inflation rate is 40% ~ 50%. More than five,
medium filter selection table
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