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Many medium filter design

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
To use the multi medium filter in water treatment, common are: anthracite - Quartz sand - Magnetite filter, activated carbon - Quartz sand - Magnetite filter, activated carbon - Quartz sand filter, quartz sand - Ceramic filters, etc. , many media filters filter design, main consideration is:
1, the different filter material with large density difference, after backwashing disturbance mixed layer phenomenon will not occur.
2, according to the production water use filter material choice, as a result of the limitation of density difference, the three layers of filter medium filter material selection is basically fixed. Upper function coarse filter filter material, the lower filter material have fine filtration effect, thus give full play to the multiple medium filter bed, water quality is much better than that of monolayer filter material filter bed.
3, particle size requirements lower filter material particle size, particle size is smaller than the upper filter materials are in place to ensure that the lower the effectiveness of the filter material and make full use of.
will be subject to three layers of filter bed, the upper filter material particle size is bigger, has a density of small light filter material, such as anthracite coal, activated carbon; Center middle centered filter material particle size, density, and is commonly quartz sand; The lower filter material by particle size is small, dense heavy filter material composition, such as magnetite. For the drinking water, generally it is prohibited to use anthracite, resin filter material, etc.
there are side requirements can be found in the source water treatment filter equipment filter design special website WWW. zj - 水。 com
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