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Mechanical filter selection technology in water treatment

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
A, selection of mechanical filter and matters needing attention
in the industrial production needs the material very much filtering processing, filtering and different material conditions are also different, so should choose a kind of ideal filter equipment is quite complex, many factors should be considered, will now choose filtering equipment are the main elements of an introduction is as follows:
1, the suspension ( Material) Filtering characteristics of the
before choosing filtration equipment, first of all need to filter material in the production shall have a clear understanding of the condition. Should be measuring the concentration of suspension liquid, the solid particle size distribution, etc. , according to a preliminary determination is to choose the type of filtration equipment.
rate of water in the process of production need to filter material quantity is big, the consecutive or automation filter is good, if the amount of material handling is small, generally adopt the intermittent filter is more economic.

3, water treatment conditions filtering high temperature, volatile or toxic materials, must be special consideration. If suspending liquid temperature is higher, because the relationship between vapor pressure, vacuum filter is difficult, the pressure filtration is suitable. In the case of material toxicity is stronger, must adopt sealed filter, in case of material leakage pollution of the environment.
4, the effect of the water filter to
the filter processing, have a plenty of recycling valuable solid shape, have a plenty of purifying the filtrate, have a plenty of both.
5, the structure of the filter and filter material
if concentrate corrosion resistance is not strong, the selection of filter machine for material requirement is unfavorable and exorbitant, otherwise the cost is higher. On the structure should be considered as far as possible simple structure model, in order to avoid difficult maintenance.
filter medium directly affect the filtration equipment filtering capacity and the filtration precision, if use undeserved, even advanced filter, also cannot very good play a role. In the field of liquid-solid phase points from, filter cloth, mesh filter medium used very extensively. With the development of the industry, following the advent of a variety of filter medium phase. And the medium characteristic mainly reflects in retaining capacity, permeability ( Or permeability) , temperature resistance, chemical resistance, mechanical strength and stripping difficulty of filter cake, etc. When choosing besides considering the above factors, also note the price is cheap, abundant.
2, filter note
stainless steel filter before use must complete check parts and sealing ring, is damaged, then put it as required. The new filter must wash clean with detergent ( Please don't use acid cleaning) With high-temperature steam sterilization, disinfection, wash after wash the filter to put good, avoid the pollution.
don't pick up the import and export during the installation of the filter, pipeline filter plate on the edge of the mouth is a liquid inlet, pipe joint in filter socket outlet pipe is clean liquid. Is the new filter manufacturer in clean production encapsulated with plastic bag inside the room is not used do not tear the plastic packaging, use to demand higher filter, installed after go through high temperature steam sterilization.
filter inserted into the mouth, the filter must be vertical, inserted into the mouth after plate buckle edge fin, twist screws can be fixed. 226 the filter after the entrance of the interface, clamping should rotate 90 degrees, this is the key installation, if there is a bit not careful, will not seal, easy to leak, will not use requirement.
cylinder pressure gauge is liquid pressure display table, if it is a secondary filter, the filter pressure gauge index slightly less is normal phenomenon, the longer the time, pressure will increase, reduce flow velocity, and this shows that most of filter gap have been blocked, flush or replace filter.
when filtering, the use of pressure in commonly 0. Around 1 mpa, can satisfy the production need, with the increase of time and flow rate, filter pore jams, pressure increases, generally not more than 0. 4 mpa, highest must not exceed 0. 6MPa。 Otherwise it will damage the filter element or the breakdown, in particular should pay attention to when using the precision filter.
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