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Mechanical filter using classic case

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Mechanical filter is commonly used in water treatment equipment, including a quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, filter medium, manganese sand filter, bag filter, precision filter, etc. , mainly by intercepting the water adsorption of impurities.
zhejiang threesome lubricating materials co. , LTD is one of the largest bearing manufacturer, zhejiang for incoming material to be cut clean, coating processing, such as need to consume large amounts of water for cooling, water cost is too high, choose a treated water for cleaning of the water in the river, the river water quality was poor, sediment, suspended solids, organic matter cannot be used directly. Must undergo purification treatment.
for their present situation, my company sent engineers to the scene view, according to the practical requirements in terms of design, the dosing + mechanical filter, precision filter processing, using automatic control, automatic operation and backwashing, are washing operation. According to the water and the water storage tank of liquid level to control the opening of booster pump stop, realized the automatic control of the filter, without the need for personnel operation, only need to pump of dosing device according to the instruction after adding flocculant PAC and PAM, running for a period of time, effluent is clear, and as a cooling water didn't want to in the past in the container with a thick layer of sediment fouling phenomenon, such as manufactured materials are clean and smooth.
the system processing flow of 40 tons/hour water purification equipment, mechanical filter diameter of 2200 mm, total height of 3500 mm, the precision filter USES the bag filter, bag filter built in article 8 of the filter bag and each filter bag processing flow up to 20 tons/hour, have sufficient margin, so don't change of filter bag, change the filter bag is convenient, because the bag filter has a rocker arm, convenient replacement of filter bag, automatic control is adopted in the system, also can use manual control two kinds of filter control system.
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