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Melt-blown filter product knowledge

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21

melt-blown filter parameters:
material: using pure ethylene polypropylene melt-blown fiber melt-blown, without binder and other material.
structure: wire wound lined with poly (acrylic support, external use polypropylene filament winding.
working temperature: ℃.
filtration precision: & mu; m。
PP operating conditions:
℃ maximum differential pressure;
when ℃ maximum differential pressure bar
does not exceed ℃ high temperature sterilizing temperature. 。

melt-blown filter technical features:
advantages: due to the filter into gradually tight structure, so the filter carrying amount is larger, the filtering flow, pressure difference is small, filter prices low.
disadvantages: large water treatment equipment replacement filter difficult recoil.
application: alcohol, beverage, edible oil, electroplating, electronics in the use of water purification, sewage treatment and other pretreatment.
filtration precision: & mu; μm; μm; μm; μm; μm; μm; m。
filter length:,,,, inches.
filter connection: such as ping pressure type a, plug-in:,,, 3 kinds.
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