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Methods and characteristics of quartz sand filter backwashing

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-25
In water treatment process, quartz sand filter is the most commonly used filter because the filter material price is low, environmental protection, good effect, and so on, so the quartz sand filter obtained has made full application in water treatment, so why reverse wash? So first we speak of from the role of quartz sand filter, quartz sand is mainly go out to the suspended solids in the water, sediment, impurities such as organic matter, mainly by quartz sand interception, so, quartz sand filter work after a period of time, there are many tiny particles between the gap of sand, such as mud, impurities such as organic matter, if not for backwashing, sediment will be blocked by water, and filtered water pressure decreases, flow is also reduced, not only waste precious energy ( Electricity, water pump power) And filtering flow decrease, the effect of short of water, so, quartz sand filter to use after a period of time has to be backwashing.
there are two kinds of quartz sand filter backwashing way, is a kind of air water backwashing, the other is a kind of backwashing water.
air water backwashing is the use of air bubbles and quartz sand filter material friction between the two, moreover is in using quartz sand filter material of the friction between particle and particle, the last is the use of quartz sand filter material and water photograph rushs friction, four interaction, on the maximum limit increased the backwash effect, so that after the water washing of the quartz sand filter material can be used. The commonly used in the filter tank is bigger, quartz sand filter material is more. Advantages are: the backwashing time is shorter, less water consumption.
water backwashing mainly through quartz sand filter material and water photograph rushs friction friction and sand and sand off the impurities in the water, commonly used in the small filter is more, the backwash water in 2 times running flow, features are: do not need to provide pouring, water consumption is bigger, the operation is simple.
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