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Microporous folded filter - Nylon 6 ( N6) Membrane filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Keywords: water filter | PP wire wound filter filter | | PP folding PP melt-blown filter | large flow filter | activated carbon filter

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a, a product profile of the nylon folding filter is the nylon 6 microporous membrane and non-woven fabric or ( Silk screen) Internal and external support layer folds, filter shell, center pole, end cover adopt polypropylene material, processing and shaping filter whole sealing adopts thermal fusion welding technology complete sealing, no leakage. 2, 1, nylon membrane product features to hydrophilic, without prewatering 2, uniform pore size distribution, good filtering effect 3, high strength, good chemical compatibility, applicability wide. 4, no fibers, three, 1 technical specifications conform to the requirements of the medicine and food industry, the filter precision: 0. 1μ 米,0。 2μ 米,0。 45μ 米,0。 65μ m, 1μ; M2, the filter length: 10 & quot; ,20“; ,30“; 40“; 3, cartridge diameter: 69 mm4, the highest working temperature: 60 ℃, the maximum differential pressure: 4. 2 bar, 25 ℃ at 6, the maximum pressure differential: 2. 1 bar, 25 ℃ at 7, the highest disinfection temperature: 121 ℃ every half an hour, 30 times four, application fields of the pharmaceutical industry: all kinds of solvent and liquid filtering food beverage industry: pure water, mineral water, fruit juice, beer, and liquor filtration electronics industry: highly purified water, distilled water, the terminal filtration of six, model/order information DLMN6 + + filter length accuracy + + end cover form sealing material DLMN6 filtration precision length end cover sealing material nylon 0010:0. 1μ m0022:0. 22μ m0045:0。 45μ m0065:0。 65μ m0100:1μ M10:10 '' turns' shall lie 40:40 'Ⅰ: single openings Ⅱ: DOE double openings Ⅲ: - 222 / flat tail Ⅳ: - 222 / fin Ⅴ: - 226 / flat tail Ⅵ: - O - 226 / fin Ⅶ: Ring/flat tail V: fluorine rubber S: silicone rubber E: ethylene propylene rubber B: nitrile rubber ring T: teflon DLMN6 - were illustrated 0045 - 20 - V - BDLMN6: nylon 0045: filtration precision of 0. 45μ 20 inches Ⅴ m20: length: 226 single opening/flat tail B: guangzhou nitrile rubber ring filter source water filter equipment co. , LTD. , specializing in the production of water filter, PP wire wound filter, PP folded filter, PP melt-blown filter, big flow filter, activated carbon filter, and provide professional factories of the matching mechanism. Company has highly qualified technical team, professional engaged in water treatment technology development and industrialization, has a strong engineering design, system integration, installation, debugging and technical service capabilities. We will continue to improve their own quality and level, with excellent quality, considerate service, constantly to meet the various needs of customers. Web site
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