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Mixed ion exchange machine ( Mixed bed) The principle and the regeneration step

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
A, mixed ion exchanger principle
mixed bed ion exchange process, is the Yang, exchange of anion exchange resin in the same bed, and mixing before operation. Mixed bed can be regarded as a staggered by a lot of Yin Yang, resin and composed of multistage bed.
in the mixed bed, as a result of Yang and Yin resin are mutually mixed evenly, so Yang, anion exchange reaction is almost at the same time. Or water of cation and anion exchange was conducted exchange many times. Namely the H cation exchange type of H + and OH ions produced by the clearing house OH a cannot be accumulated, will immediately generate water dissociation degree is very low.
this is basically eliminate the influence of the ion, the ion exchange reaction can be very thoroughly, so the water quality of the mixed bed is very high.
2, mixed ion exchanger in
1, the mixed bed regeneration steps again for backwashing, the 10 m/h, backwashing control time 10 - 15 minutes;
2, still stay resin layer stratification;
3, the water to the water level in the exchanger resin level about 10 cm;
4, by the upper into the alkali into the alkali, velocity of 4 m/h, lye concentration 4%, into the base for longer than 15 minutes; At the same time, the lower switch into the acid tube into the water, the water flowing through the Yang resin layer, with waste alkali liquor by Yang, Yin resin layer interface in the middle of the drainage pipe out;
5, Yin resin according to the same process of displacement, velocity of 4 m/h, time is more than 15 minutes;
6, Yin resin is washed, velocity of 15 m/h, is washing water by 10 1 m3 resin/m3 of water control, wash to drainage of phenolphthalein alkalinity below 0. Under five tendency for L;
7, from the bottom into the acid tube into the acid regeneration Yang resin, velocity of 4 m/h, acid concentration of 5%, the acid is more than 15 minutes; In the meantime, we should keep the upper into the alkali water; After water flows through Yin resin layer, by Yang, Yin with waste acid resin layer interface of the drainage pipe out;
8, Yang resin according to the same process of replacement and cleaning, velocity of 4 m/h, time is more than 15 minutes;
9, Yang resin for cleaning, velocity of 10 m/h, by the intermediate drainage tube drainage, wash to drainage ph lower than 0. Under five tendency for L;
10, exchange resin for overall is washed, the switch at the top of the water, the switch is washing drainage, drain valve velocity of 15 m/h, wash to drain the electrical conductivity of less than 1. Under five mu s/cm;
11, water to water level switch on the resin level about 10 cm;
12, the mixture of resin into the compressed air, compressed air pressure 1 - 1. 1-5 gauge pressure, time 5 minutes; After the resin mixture, it is necessary to have enough drainage speed, quickly landing force resin, avoid resin separation. Resin declines, the top, the water can accelerate the settlement;
13, mixed resin layer is washed, velocity 10 - 20 m/h, qualified to drainage, water can be put into operation system;
mixed ion exchanger due to its reliable operation, no strong running water, less waste of precious water resources, promoted so even today in the reverse osmosis equipment, mixed ion exchanger in pure water equipment also has its place in the market.
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