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More than 10 inches to fold big fat filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21

inch fold big fat more filter

inch fold big fat filter more abstract:
the fold big fat more filter because of its folding design, reduces the pressure difference, provides a larger filter area.
the filter flux is big, at the same time so as to prolong the using time, can be simple and clear to reduce the cost.
many fold big fat filter can be used in many occasions such as: chemical process of alkali liquid filter, chemical raw materials
organic solution filter, sterile water, ultrapure water prefiltering.

inch fold big fat more filter parameters: length:
diameter: mm inner diameter
mm filter material: polypropylene
end cover: pu
center rod:
polypropylene filtration precision: um, um, um, um, um
the highest operating temperature:. The maximum operating pressure: c
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