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Multi-layer PP cartridge filter water

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21

multi-layer PP water filter cartridge

multilayer cartridge filter filter PP water:

multi-layer PP water cartridge filter is made of different precision winding form, its characteristic is from inner to outer in an increase in accuracy.
at the same time, increase the filter carrying quantity, and the service life of filter element, can effectively remove suspended solids in liquid, particles, etc.

multi-layer PP cartridge filter water areas of application:
in the pharmaceutical industry: according to all kinds of injection, the washing bottle with liquid and injection water of filtering.
infusion and various kinds of antibiotics, TCM injections of filtering.
petroleum and chemical industry: all kinds of organic solvents, acid, alkali, filter cartridge filter of water injection in oilfields.

multi-layer PP water cartridge filter parameters:

. Suitable PH value.
. Working temperature: in. MPa, < ℃
. Structure classification: skeleton ends, without a skeleton, whether or not to bring a skeleton.

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