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by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
On October 12, 2017 by the China film industry association, the ministry, China architectural culture center, the Netherlands, the Amsterdam RAI international conference and exhibition center, Shanghai lotus, convention and exhibition co. , LTD. , the host, China's support of housing and urban-rural development of the eighth Water Beijing my Ex - — The eighth China international water technology exhibition and the 20th China international exhibition on membrane and water treatment technology and equipment, new China international exhibition center in Beijing grand opening, the exhibition, a three-day will fully display the industry water treatment technology and equipment of the latest and most! Henan filtering technology co. , LTD is involved in this great event, also let more Chinese and foreign customers saw filter with high quality products and services.

our company produces the big flow water treatment filter, and paid close attention to by Chinese and foreign tourists, for visitors of all sorts of problems, I will be patient Eva airways had scheduled another round-trip charter of company marketing in detail. Let everybody to purchase high quality and low price of water filter.

more tourists to see our big flow filter, add WeChat asked, take contact, convenient they purchase to the high quality and low price of water filter.

filter is a professional production of industrial water treatment filter manufacturers, our company produces the filter is of better quality, can completely replace the imported filter, the main products are: large flow filter, pall filter, parker filter, 3 m filter, he had big blue flow filter, pp cotton filter, line winding filter, microporous folded filter, such as industrial water treatment filter.

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