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Nanjing large-scale renovation 'two low' enterprise

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
To carry out the scientific concept of development, let's sound and rapid economic development, the implementation of the central economic transformation, and more investment in services, and to cause serious damage to the environment the renovation of enterprises, especially the high consumption, low yield of serious environmental damage.
it is reported that nanjing 'blue sky plan' for two consecutive years, people are very upset. From nanjing environmental protection bureau data show that in the first half of this year, nanjing air quality level of the number of days only 15 days; More than 60 urban river, almost half of black smelly river, be badly in need of water treatment. At the same time, in the first half of the city from environmental complaint more than 1. 30000 pieces. Long Xiangshui the cross the rubicon governance 'two low' enterprise, is to is a beautiful and comfortable environment.
it is believed that the nanjing government on July 3, night announced the first batch of a total of 173 '3 tall two low' rectification companies list, including the famous nanjing kumho tires, sinopec, south of enterprises on the list. The clampdown has been described as 'the largest, most aggressive' in the history of nanjing's action at a time. According to reliable sources, this is the government's regulation of decisive measures after production.
to protect the environment, is everyone's responsibility, we can't damage the environment for economic development, the kill is not feasible, we support the government's measures, make long-term planning for sustainable economic development.
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