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Nanofiltration enrichment technology improves the antibiotic production cost

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
At present, the membrane separation technology in the application of antibiotics mainly in the antibiotic fermentation liquor of clarification, products in addition to protein, desalination enrichment and waste liquid in several aspects, such as antibiotic concentration and recovery.

modern antibiotics first is commonly made by clarification and solvent extraction separation from the fermented liquid, the vacuum evaporation was carried out on the extracted liquid. But antibiotics content in the fermented liquid is less, low concentration, and contains a lot of his impurities, conventional extraction and enrichment methods exist in organic solvent consumption, high energy consumption of the enrichment, destruction of biological activity, low product recovery rate, poor operating environment. Nanofiltration enrichment technology USES can effectively avoid above disadvantages, improve antibiotic product quality, reduce production cost, become the efficient separation methods in the biological medicine production.

penicillin, erythromycin, midecamycin antibiotics, such as emulsification phenomena exist in the process of extraction separation, after using nanofiltration, fundamentally solve the phenomenon of emulsion. Without using emulsion, in production and improve the safety of drugs, reduce pollution; At the same time due to reduce or eliminate the protein the solubilization of antibiotics, to improve the yield and quality of products.

in kanamycin in the product ion exchange stripping process, create many leacheate. Need to reduce the pollution, membrane distillation, to the material liquid enrichment recycling kanamycin. This process requires very high energy expenditure, high concentration in the process of temperature at the same time, the material is easy to change color, and can't remove the salts material, resulting in a decline in product purity and yield. In order to reduce energy consumption, as well as the eluent of kanamycin recycling as far as possible, about 40 times concentrated nanofiltration of eluent, enriched to baume degree for about 8, the interception of kanamycin for more than 98%. Compared with the original production technology, nanofiltration technology greatly reduces energy consumption of membrane distillation required in the production, product yield and purity are improved, also reduce the emissions of waste water, at the same time, high entrapment rate and to reduce the pollution to the environment.

abroad, membrane separation technology has been widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, nanofiltration membrane used for recycling - 6 APA, 6 - in the material liquid APA, methanol, methane chloride content of 0 respectively. 37%, 16% and 2%. After nanofiltration treatment, 6 - concentrate The content of the APA is up to 4%. To significantly reduce emissions of pollutants.
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