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Nearly 90% in China coastal city water shortage city 18 extreme lack of water

by:Lvyuan Filter     2021-01-21
By more than 30000 Marine science and technology workers more than eight years, completed more than 200 nautical miles to sail 'China's offshore Marine integrated investigation and evaluation' project - Referred to as 'special 908) In Beijing, passed final inspection. At the same time, the our country has a comprehensive grasp the distribution and characteristics of main Marine disasters in our country, strength and influence. Storm surge, Including the nearshore wave) Is the most serious hydrologic meteorological disasters in our country Marine disaster, and the sea disasters is occurred most frequently in our country's Marine disasters.
this symbolized our country has basically clear offshore Marine environmental resource base. The results showed that serious shortage of water resources in coastal regions, 11 coastal provinces ( Autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) In a 52 coastal cities, water in 18, severe water shortage 10, moderate 9, mild nine water shortage, water shortage nearly 90% of the city there is shortage of water in varying degrees. Water resources has become the important bottleneck which restrict the development of the coastal areas of economic and social sustainable.
according to introducing, special is 908 since the founding of the investigation of the largest and most complete concerning subjects, adopts the most advanced technology of national comprehensive special. Through the implementation of the special, for the first time more than 100 square kilometers waters in the summer, winter, spring, autumn four seasons quasi synchronous data, for the first time for China's offshore survey of more than 60 square kilometers of the cover.
908 special also found out for the first time China's offshore Marine renewable energy potential. Except Taiwan province, in China offshore Marine renewable energy total reserves of 15. 8 billion kilowatts, total technical development capacity is 6. 4. 7 billion kw. Including tidal power, wave energy, wave energy, temperature difference can be poor, salt, such as Marine wind energy reserves.
through the survey, 908 special has also introduced the system of China's coastal Marine ecosystem health, ecological function and value of service. Investigation team thinks, at present, China's offshore Marine economy animal resources facing a grim situation, the offshore fishery resources as a whole is in a state of recession, coastal waters pollution scope is bigger.
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