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No blackwater activated carbon filter properties

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Existing water purifiers are usually equipped with multiple filter, multi-stage filtration, which is commonly used polypropylene cotton filter and reverse osmosis membrane filter, but the filter to filter water is not good, therefore, it is necessary to install a filter in the filter stage, in order to improve the taste of water, because of the activated carbon filter can remove the residual chlorine in the water quality directly, peculiar smell, colour, chemical pollution and so on, can improve the taste of water quality. Existing active carbon filter device, in use process, when the use time is too long, on the activated carbon activated carbon dust, easy to make the water quality in black, the existing activated carbon filter devices cannot sealing device, easy to cause the dust into the device, on the water quality pollution caused by the plant. No blackwater activated carbon filter, including body shell, water inlet, outlet, solenoid valve, a fixed frame, metal filter layer and sensors, the upper shell body is equipped with water inlet, ontology has outlet above the outer shell. New use of the outlet channel, adsorption layer and the outlet, when need to filter and use of the water in the device, the color of the activated charcoal absorbs water, remove the peculiar smell in the water, flowing dust in the outlet, outlet conduit in the adsorption layer, to generate dust is absorbed on activated carbon, water will not change the color of black, water discharge from the outlet.
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