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Oil filter VBS YPL - 660

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Oil filter VBS YPL - The characteristics of the 660 oil filter VBS YPL - 660 can be used for rolling mill, continuous casting machine hydraulic system of filter and various kinds of lubrication equipment. Installed at the entrance of circulating pump, used to filter impurities contained in oil suction, make sure that enter the turbine the purity of the CPC. Has high compressive strength, carrying quantity, high efficiency, etc. Can make the system quickly achieve and maintain the desired clean the oil level, and can prolong the service life of the oil and reduce the bearing wear. Oil filter VBS YPL - 660 parameter filtration precision: 1 - 200 mu m filter material: imported glass fiber/stainless steel woven mesh folding wave filter characteristics: corrosion resistance, heat resistance, pressure, wear-resisting working medium: general hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil, phosphate ester emulsion, water - Ethylene glycol application: metallurgy, petrochemical, textile, pharmaceutical and electronics, mechanical processing equipment and other industries/metallurgy industry, electronics industry, pharmaceutical industry, oil gasification, thermal power, nuclear power and other oil filter VBS YPL - 660 maintenance: 1. Filter in use after a period of time, the filter inside can accumulate a lot of dust and impurities, this needs us to do maintenance on a regular basis. 2. Filter if use for a long time, has been short of filter cleaning job category standard, need to replace filter. 3. Filter must not change during the process of work filter, be sure to stop the machine works such as to change. Filter needs regular maintenance, extending the service life of the filter element. 4. Between the filter and connection framework must have seal, oil leakage phenomenon, the guarantee can't when the filter need to filter medium of high temperature or humidity, be sure to use high temperature resistant, resistant to wet filter paper, to meet the needs of production.
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