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Our company developed the removal of water treatment technology

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-25
My company to develop a can remove harmful microorganisms in drinking water by new technology, new technology method is cheap, can remove the drinking water in 99. 999% of the virus.
our company researchers in the current filter technology to add with the strong chemical reaction properties of iron particles, developed a new water treatment technology, and the use of chlorinated water treatment technology, the new technology can remove from harmful pathogens such as e. coli to rotavirus, due to the use of iron is easy to get, new technical methods cost is very low, in the water treatment industry, especially to ensure the safety of drinking water has wide and important application value. New technology can at reasonable cost to solve the problem of the water treatment industry, namely how in disinfection of drinking water at the same time to reduce and control the microbial pathogens and control microbial pathogens, at the same time, the new technology can remove the groundwater or other technology in drinking water and its by-products, such as humic acid, humic acid in the process of disinfection can produce a variety of toxic substances and chlorine reaction and secondary pollution.
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