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Ozone - Biological activated carbon water treatment applications

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-25
We should according to the requirements of the different water quality and water quality in combination with economic factors determine the appropriate treatment process. The slightly polluted water are discussed in depth treatment technology, a: ozone - — Biological activated carbon technology. Ozone
- — Biological activated carbon technology because of the strong oxidizing, less by-products, adsorption and degradation effect is remarkable characteristics is becoming more and more attention and spread quickly. At present this technology has been more and more countries actual applied in polluted water purification, urban sewage regeneration reuse as life mixed with water, etc. Ozone
- — Biological activated carbon technology ozone
- — Biological activated carbon process is carbon physical and chemical adsorption, chemical oxidation and ozone oxidation degradation and ozone disinfection four kinds of technologies for the integration of technology.
the process generally located in the sand filter. First using ozone oxidation, initial oxidation decompose the organic matter in the water and other reducing agents, reduce the organic load of biological activated carbon filter, ozone oxidation at the same time can make the water is hard to biodegradable organic chain scission, open loop, is converted into simple fat hydrocarbon, change its biological properties. The characteristics of ozone itself determines the ozonation technology has the following characteristics: (1) due to its strong ability of oxidation of ozone, can remove other water treatment technology is difficult to remove the substance; (2) the ozonation reaction faster, thus can reduce the volume of reaction equipment or structures; (3) the residual ozone is converted into oxygen quickly, does not produce secondary pollution, and can increase the dissolved oxygen in water; (4) in the sterilization and kill the virus at the same time, in addition to smell, in addition to taste; 5. Ozonation helps flocculation, can improve the effect of precipitation.
active carbon can very quickly adsorbed water soluble organic matter, as well as the enrichment of microorganism, make its surface to grow a good biological membrane, by itself of oxygen filling effect, microbes can to organic matter in coal bed for nutrients to grow a lot of aerobic bacteria, the activated carbon adsorption of small molecule organic matter fully biodegradable. Ozone
- — Biological activated carbon process is mainly in view of the slightly polluted water, ammonia nitrogen, organic matter, chromaticity and turbidity, smell, can effectively remove the organic matter and ammonia nitrogen in the water, the lower the concentration of organic matter to 700 mu mu g/L g/L ~ 1600. Ammonia nitrogen concentration is lower than the detection limit of the inorganic reducing substances in the water, chromaticity and turbidity, smell also has very good removal effect, and can effectively reduce the mutagenic activity of water, ensure the safety of the reclaimed water. Ozone
- — Biological activated carbon process is developed on the basis of the activated carbon adsorption, a combination of ozone, activated carbon, the advantages of both. Ozone has strong oxidation ability, REDOX potential in the water after fluoride and second.
separately using ozone, high cost, and the water of biodegradable organic carbon assimilation ( AOC) Rise, causing the biological stability of water variation; Using activated carbon alone, its adsorption and microbial degradation synergy effect is abate, saturated adsorption cycle shortened, to maintain water quality goal, must often regeneration. Ozone - — Activated carbon combined technology can effectively overcome the limitations of both used alone, and give full play to the advantage of the two, has greatly improved water quality treatment effect. In addition, using ozone - — Activated carbon combined technology can effectively reduce the AOC ( Biological organic carbon assimilation) Value, has greatly improve the biological stability of water, activated carbon on the adhesion of microbes to remain active for a long time, the effective extension of the activated carbon regeneration cycle. Ozone
- — The combination of activated carbon, makes the water dissolved and colloidal organic matter into more easily biodegradable organic matter, will be some high humus oxidation of low molecular weight, molecular weight easily biodegradable material and become carbon bed microbial source of nutrients. In coal bed, organic adsorption on the surface of granular and small pore, microbial growth on the surface of the carbon granule, big hole, some organic matter degradation, by the effect of enzyme in the dual role of adsorption and biodegradation in addition to the organic matter in water.
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