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Ozone generator sterilization effect factor analysis

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Ozone sterilizer is a common sterilizer, widely used in water treatment, he not only has high sterilization rate, and the effect of continuous sterilization, ozone ( O3) Also known as reactive oxygen species ( Ozone generator) , is the oxygen with isomer, soluble in water, immediate reduction reaction occurred in the water, ( Ozone generator) Produce single atomic oxygen and hydroxyl (middle material 0H) Strong ability of single atomic oxygen oxidation, hydroxyl is also a strong oxidizer and catalyst, therefore, the ozone ( Ozone generator) Has strong sterilization effect, and can be decomposed general oxidant damage hard single atomic oxygen and mechanism of hydroxy disinfection effect of organic matter. Below I to analyze the influencing factors of ozone sterilization, sum up there are five factors:
1, the turbidity in the water according to the report, when the turbidity of water below 5 mg/L, the influence of the bactericidal effect of ozone generator is not big, but when the turbidity in more than 5 mg/L, have influence. Because there are a large part of the ozone generator for oxidative decomposition of organic matter and inorganic matter, if high turbidity, suggest using quartz sand filter to remove impurities.
2, the inorganic ions in the water when the water is more inorganic ions, can accelerate the decomposition of ozone generator, so that the ozone ( Ozone generator) The concentration of the reducing, hinder the efficiency of sterilization.
3, the water temperature of the same concentration of ozone generator, under different temperature, the amount of different soluble in water. 0 cc is 69%.
4, concentration of ozone generator within the allowable concentration, general and ozone ( Ozone generator) The higher the concentration of the, kill bacteria, etc. The faster, the better the effect, but don't make it too much should be paid attention to.
5, ozone and water mixed performance analysis, ozone is fully mixed with water, sterilization effect, the better, mixing effect is decided by the two aspects, one is the ozone bubble size, the smaller the bubble mixed more fully, the external one is ozone mixing time and water contact, the longer the contact time, sterilization effect is better. I company recommends using ozone mixing tower ( Ozone contact reaction tank) Ozone by titanium plate cutting small bubbles, have larger hybrid space.
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