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Ozone + mixed tower process application is introduced of the swimming pool

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Because people and direct contact with the water of swimming pool, swimming pool water also by swimmers contaminated with bacteria, its own long-term exposure might be born skin problems, such as the water disinfection sterilization device must be set so. The traditional disinfection methods include chlorination, ozone sterilization, irradiation sterilization and disinfection of iodide. Today's commonly used disinfection methods are usually the first two chlorination and ozone disinfection.
conventional disinfectant chlorine (chlorination Usually a liquid chlorine) Chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, chlorine dioxide, amine, bleaching powder, bleaching liquor and chlorine tablets, etc.
chlorination is characterized by:
1, the sterilization effect is good;
2, continuous sterilization function.
chlorination defect is:
1, the smell and can irritate eyes and respiratory tract.
2, the pool structure, equipment and pipeline corrosion were role; Operation management level of demand is high, otherwise the safety accident will happen;
3, long-term contact with water can make the person's hair color yellow, affect beautiful chloride generated in the process of oxidation and chlorination of derivatives may be carcinogens,
here are emerging disinfection methods: ozone sterilizer +
hybrid tower of ozone by mixed gas plate tower cloth after fully cut into small bubbles, ozone is mixed with water in the tower is mainly based on mixed convection way, from treating ozone mixing into the water, ozone from lower into the water and form convection, make a mixture of water and ozone.
ozone sterilizer is a bit:
1, quick response, small volumes, ozone can quickly kill the sand filter can remove bacteria, spore, the virus and in very low concentrations in both sterilization inactivated;
2, strong ability to adapt, in the PH5. 6 - 9. 8, water temperature 0 - 37 ℃ range, little impact on ozone disinfection performance;
3, do not produce persistence residual in water, ozone is decomposed into oxygen, no secondary pollution;
3, ozone half-life is very short, only 20 minutes;
4, can destroy the organic matter in water, improve the physical properties of water and sense organs, decoloring and to smell to smell, the water is blue, but do not change the natural properties of water.
ozone and ozone mixing tower technology has been widely used in many swimming pool now, practice has proved that the ozone and ozone mixing tower process is swimming pool disinfection of environmental protection, economic methods.
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