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by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21

PA filter material:
this company produces the PA sintering filter using high polyethylene and carbon fiber as main raw materials, materials in accordance with GMP and FDA requirements. No adhesives are used in the process of production, has a wide range of chemical compatibility. Details please refer to the material ( Hyperlinks PA material) 。
structure: the company's PA sintering filter via high temperature sintering and scientific formula, has good mechanical properties, and the filter aperture inside and outside the same, easy to recoil deslagging. Filter layer thickness, high working pressure, can guarantee the filtering effect. Strong product particle binding, is not easy to fall off. And each element before delivery to accept bubbles evenness testing, ensure the micropore distribution.

PA filter product specifications:
range: precision. Um,
diameter range: MMMM.
the commonly used specifications: & Phi; ** Φ ** Φ ** Φ **
Φ Specification: * *
joint & Phi; Φ Φ Φ Φ Φ
general international pressure type: outer diameter & Phi; Inside diameter & Phi; Length,,,, '
plug-in: outer diameter & Phi; Inside diameter & Phi; Length,,,, '
socket is divided into: ( Type O ring diameter) ( Type O ring diameter) Two also can produce filter plate: the thickness of mm width mm mm each kind of specification filter plate length. If you have any special needs can be customized; Refer to the custom filter ( Hyperlinks custom filter) 。
PA microporous filter rod aperture type table:
the average pore diameter micrometers.
porous PA tube aperture type PA PA PA PA PA PA PA PA PA PA

maximum differential pressure table advantages: PA filter uniform pore size distribution, strong acid, strong alkali resistance, high temperature resistant, mechanical performance is good, have strong ability of resistance to organic solvents erosion. Production of large-scale water treatment equipment, can use the automatic or manual recoil deslagging method, solid particle recycling can be used dry slag, often do not need to change the filter, automation, filtering low cost advantages, unanimously praised by users.
faults: meet viscous materials, particularly large recoil resistance to blow, the filter pressure difference is big.

PA filter application:
chemical liquid in the production of precision filtration, such as: silicon, hydrogen peroxide, liquid alkali sulfate, phosphoric acid, methanol, ethanol, acetone, aluminum sulfate, chloroform, double ammonia chloride, sodium methionine, decolorizing activated carbon separation, etc. Pharmaceutical industry: liquid decolorization purification, reverse osmosis, ion exchanger, ultrafiltration equipment such as precision pretreatment, spray bottle machine, water purification, Chinese herbal medicine, oral liquid filtration. Food industry: mineral water, beer, wine, water quality purification. Quiet: the environmental protection industry of large water treatment, water injection, gas purification, thermal power plant water supply, and many other industries.
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